Conducting Action Research for Evidence based Advocacy.

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URAC is a team of experts and associates who are highly qualified and experienced in the outlined and other thematic areas.

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School Block at Geisha informal settlement, Mzuzu City, 2020

Our Goal

We are driven by the belief that all human beings desire to live better and inclusion is therefore a must. Through action research, participatory data utilization, training and advocacy, our overall goal is to positively contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the society we live in. We use our advanced research capabilities and unique professional expertise.

Our Aim

URAC aims at promoting evidence-based development policy planning and implementation, services delivery, and accountability. Since its establishment in 2016 the Centre has been committed to enhancing and sustaining strong data-informed decision-making cultures in public, private, and community-based institutions.

Our Mission

URAC empowers academics, development practitioners, service providers, and beneficiaries to utilize data, analytics, information, and evidence to make sound decisions and choices, and take actions that benefit local communities and society at large.

Our Vision

To be a national and regional leader in the promotion of evidence-based development planning and implementation, and advocacy for people-centred services delivery systems.

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