Volume 1 Number 1, January 2018


Clean Beaches Project German interns settling down

Two German volunteers currently serving with the Clean Beaches Project, Joshua Veenstra and Maximilian Ziech, say now that they have virtually settled down, and look forward to achieving great things in Malawi. They have personal visions, too. The two young men are in Malawi through a Kolping International Volunteer Service which is sponsored by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ (BMZ) through its Weltwarts Volunteer programme, explained why they chose to work as volunteers in Malawi.. In interviews with URAC Update Monthly, Joshua, aged 18 years says that soon after he finished school, he decided to do a volunteer service in Malawi because he wanted to help the local environment and its people. He was most excited about the Clean Beaches Project approach, becasue he is part of the planning and implementation process and is happy getting into contact with many local people. Similarly, Maxi, 19, says that after finishing his school, Kolping organisation introduced him to the Clean Beaches Project in Malawi. He chose to do his volunteering work in Malawi because, ‘It is a very beautiful country with a landscape not comparable to that in Germany’. He also points out that he has a huge interest in Lake Malawi and the thousands of different fish species living in it. He further looks forward to expiencing a different culture and way of living.

for every problem there is a simple and clever solution.”

Maxi says he specifically chose to work in the Clean Beaches Project in Malawi because for him, it is an interesting new project and he believes this is going to improve living conditions of many people and environment. Three months after joining the project, Maxi also proudly reckons that the project is teaching him that for every problem there is a simple and clever solution. ( click get the complete version

Foundation Donates Laptops to Nkhata Bay Schools

The Banda Bola Sports Foundation, headed by Kalekeni Mutalika Banda donated laptops, soccer boots, uniforms and sanitary pads worth millions of Malawi Kwacha to Bandawe Secondary and various Primary schools in Nkhata Bay South Constituency. Banda who also heads the Chituka Village Project was supported by a team of US citizens from Indiana who also conducted soccer clinics and plan to construct a soccer field in Chituka Village. Banda’s foundation targets primary schools to achieve gender equality from early ages through respect and self-confidence as they play soccer together. In the picture Mutalika Banda (in purple shirt) hands over laptop computers to Bandawe Secondary School staff and students.

In the picture Mutalika Banda (in purple shirt) hands over laptop computers to Bandawe Secondary School staff and students.

This newsletter provides insights on urban & rural development issues in Malawi and what URAC does and plans to do to contribute to realization of SDGs through action research, advocacy, collaboration, and community capacity building in these thematic areas: water and sanitation, health, environment, housing, urban food security, disaster risk management, cross border interaction, livelihoods, local governance, land and resources tenure security, watershed and wetlands management. URAC thus creates a platform for voices of communities, researchers, students and practitioners to provoke action by policy and decision makers

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