URAC Distributes Flood Relief Items in Mzuzu City

URAC Distributes Flood Relief Items in Mzuzu City

URAC recently distributed an assortment of relief items to Mzuzu university students and  residents of Zolozolo West Ward who had been affected by the 26 November 2021 flash floods. The relief items were distributed to students on 16th December while Zolozolo families received the items on 24th December. The relief items were purchased using funds provided by Malawi Friends in Rottenburg e.V.

The items distributed to students included maize flour, rice, cooking oil, chickens and writing materials while the community members received maize flour, salt and cooking oils. The items were distributed to students by the Executive Director of URAC Dr . Mtafu Manda who was supported by the Dean of Students Mr Fiskani Ngwira and students’ Social Welfare Director Mr Isaac Lalama. Lalama thanked URAC for the food items and writing materials as the students had lost both of these essentials to the floods.

The function to provide relief to Zolozolo affected families was a collaboration of Mzuzu City, URAC and level four students studying planning at Mzuzu University, one of them a recipient of the relief items. 

Speaking at the function, the Councillor for Zolozolo West Ward Mr. Peterkings Mbale said he was very thankful for the support. ‘When the affected families were told about the relief, they did not expect to get up to 20kg of flour  apart from the other items like salt and cooking oils. The people are very grateful particularly because this support is coming on Christmas eve,’ he said. The Disaster Risk Management Desk Officer for Mzuzu City Council, Mr Precious Mandala, also thanked URAC for soliciting the relief. He said the Council had received 100 bags of maize from DODMA which was distributed to 100 families. ‘ Since we had 148 affected families , leaving out others would give the impression that the council was biased. This support to

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